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Skyrim Pitch Illustrations by Rich Anderson


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戦士たちの下着 by SoudWrong on pixiv

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Cat doesn’t know what to do with the butterfly that flew on its paw.

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   Eric! please don’t go.

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I’m still here, Sookie.

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"She’s mine.”

^ Seriously.

I was over True Blood, but I couldn’t not watch the final season.. And I know this was probably the end of their interactions, but I must say, that was a good episode. So at least we have that.

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Whether old fan or new, Classic or Crystal, comic or animation, musical or tokusatsu, we are all fans of the story of the pretty soldier in a sailor suit.

We all are fans. Don’t let anyone tell you differently depending on which adaptation you prefer.

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friend: hey are you a fan of Sailor Moo-

me: image

Can we just talk about this video for a minute.. wtffff. 

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